‘An exclusive sailing day to Mauritius’
Training – Sport – Relax – Friendly

1°- La Sorellina sailing boat is an integral dinghy of 13,50 metres, it’s the one monohull of Mauritius which has this advantage: it keel can go into its hull at the right time to enter in shallow lagoon.
Thierry has convoyed his sailing boat from Pornic to Mauritius (approximatively an half world around).

2°- La Sorellina don’t search only customers, it research one-day crew who can take part in running (it’s not compulsory). For reasons of comfort and security, we don’t take more than 6 persons on board.
During the crew embark, the first half hour is devoted to maritime charts reading, GPS positioning.

3°- The following stage takes part out of the sailing boat to the mast to explain how can you reduce the sail when there is a hard wind.
When we are out of the lagoon, everybody can helm the boat, according to wind direction, compass and different sailing tools.
After making a little sailing of two hours and a half, we approached a splendid lagoon of Mauritius, usually deserted.

Our aim is to run away tourists concentration.

4°- We’re guesting our crew a snorkel (out of the lagoon).
Since we are to Mauritius from 2 years and a half, it’s the most beautiful site that we’ve never seen in this place.
After we come back in the lagoon and we take a deserving rest: aperitif, lunch (barbecued fish and side dishes) and dessert.
After 3 hours rent, we return to the initial place: Trou-Aux-Biches (if they want, everybody can run and participate to various sailing steers).

> Departure at 8H30 from Trou-Aux-Biches (in the north) – Return around 5 pm.

We also suggest :
24 hours in sea with a night on board in a magnificent lagoon (not more 4 persons)

We can also offer you a service make to measure, to establish together…